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There's also the consideration of different platforms. Many games can be easily ported to console, like Jedi Fallen Order or the Battlefront games. But aside from DC Universe Online and Final Fantasy 11 and 14, I'm not aware of any MMORPGs that are on Playstation, and I don't know of any PC-based MMORPGs that are on mobile devices. Opening up the development pool to different studios can allow some studios to focus on the mobile market, some on consoles, and some on PCs.
There's several on XBox, such as ESO, STO, Neverwinter, ED, NMS, and hopefully more to come. But to your point, maybe other studios will develop for other platforms thereby leaving SWTOR uncontested, but if it was my decision to make for my studio, I'd make a Star Wars MMO that was cross-platform and put SWTOR out of business so that I had no other competition for that market space. I'd also make sure I took the time to learn from the mistakes made by Bioware so that I didn't make the same mistakes, and I'd keep whatever aspects were working and incorporate those concepts into my game. But that's just me.
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