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1) I'm definitely not conflating the two. I understand the sniper class in great detail and more importantly, I know it juggles a lot of abilities.

2) Nothing written in this post will get snipers nerfed by Bioware. It was like that at launch and a decade later still seems to be the case. Devs pay lip services to the forums, but they decide nerfs based of their internal data.
snipers are difficult to play. they aren't bad or even middle of the pack. when you play at the class' skill cap, they are the best ranged class in the game.

in the current meta, mercs are the easiest ranged class to play, and they also have the weakest upside of the three dps classes. sorcs are in the middle and, imo, they are best ranged class for solos and regs. but seriously, any class and any spec is completely viable in regs. if that's where you experience problems, it really is a L2P issue.

you're going to think whatever you think, though. and that's cool. I wouldn't expect to change someone's mind on this forum.