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I'm not sure why you think leaving a horribly designed warzone is gaming the system, but even if it were, gaming the system exists when the system is broken. Bioware could implement a ranked choice system for PVP maps. It would not only fix the primary issue people have with PvP but also *GASP* .. they would get more data on what people actually like to play!!!
is true. I'm still min/maxing and building sets for different specs, but now that I have gear, there's no compulsionj whatsoever to sit through OPG or any WZ where most ppl are ignoring the win conditions...except if I feel like ignoring them too. but yeah. that 15 mins? I'll grind a few heroics or I'll log and do something more productive with my life.

just built a sweet custom folding table-top for 5' pool table in the middle of my "man cave."