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On one toon I gave them up but I think 1 or 2 of them don't want to go away so they stay, and then on another I kept them all. But I think it would of been cool if they kept talking to you and messing with you through out your travels. Probably just canned it so it was one less thing they had to make lol.
Your probably right on the "One less issue to continue" part. When I was big on my SI I thought it would be cool as an ongoing part of the Inquis story if they did give an Insight or even a critique of a decision just before you selected, On those events the SI could have a second chance to make their final decision but that would be a rare occasion they may be right or wrong. Luke had insights from time to time, that would be a good thing here as another way to differentiate the class's from each other (Every class has aspects to set that one from the rest, but that's a different subject).