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Hello, I only pvp in this game and have been trying to play my level 33 marauder. Can someone tell me how I counter someone that is level 70+? If someone can point me to a guide to help me counter them thanks. I died in one of my voidstars 23 times. Telling me to go do story missions or flashpoints is not a valid request unless you want to pay for my sub. If this is how the game is now, I'll find something else to play.
Bioware is currently in a 'restructuring phase' it seems of pvp however even i will admit it's often times actually fun.
Most pvp'ers are lvl 75, before very recently there were 3 tiers of pvp grouping levels however that's now changed.

Voidstar can be super annoying if you're on a team that isn't quite in the winning mood however I do hope you don't judge all pvp on just one or two games, even as much as we complain here on the forums we do actually like it (i think lol)

Also i totally got my first few rounds of 306 lvl 75 gear by doing pvp so there's that bonus to them too, well when you get closer to 75 that is