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not gunna lie this actually made my head hurt lol well done. forcing a stealther to unstealth by bombarding the pylon lmao yes hel be stood back there like well now i gotta unstealth. ggez why didnt i think of that. he deffo doesnt have to stay alive and stop cap until the other stealther gets back which takes no time at all on AHG.

The point isnt that stealth classes are hard to deal with its that if you have 2 or 3 running interference you have to delete all of them at once or your not capping because the first one you killed will be back long before your done with the next if they have half a clue how to play. i see this almost every game they can get back way too quickly on that map. because survivability and mobility is somewhere between 3 to 5 times higher than it was when that map was added
Good trick to bypass this is use shroud of the shadow with shadow tank to make your resilience immune for the cap duration which forces them to exit stealth (or sometimes they keep trying to mezz you and you get the cap) Burn that stealth down and repeat. I know what you mean I do get you but I've encountered this before with multiple stealthers trying to prevent cap and yes if you bombard a pylon and kill enemies pretty fast you they cant just stand back. Many times I've seen a strong dps team take pylons with 2 or more stealthers guarding. And there is a delay when you die its not an instant "jump back into the fight" the doors delay to help with this, so your point about getting "back in no time" is completely wrong. Maybe you should just learn to combat it instead of moaning about a game mode which is quite popular among a lot of players.
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