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As regards off-topicness, of course I can only ask people to stay on-topic, but I do think it is beneficial for us to do so. In my previous-page reply to a user that a few people are replying to on this page, I tried to comment mainly in an on-topic way, and I think that if the person doesn't reply to that, then probably trying to engage them is not the best use of our space in this thread. I don't mind if this thread isn't the biggest or the most active; I just want its consistent quality of feedback to be useful to Bioware. But that's just my opinion.

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As far as we know the gear that we will be allowed to make will be bound to legacy making it impossible to sell. Everything that drops should be Bound to Legacy on Equip (BLE)
I'm not fully clear if you are speaking about the current situation or a future situation, but as it stands craftable tacticals and set bonus items are currently BLE and thus can be sold. (Lockboxes containing set bonus items are bound, but the items that the box generates are BLE.)

Not that they are necessarily being sold. I crafted a single tactical on the grounds that I can use it if it doesn't sell. After a few attempts, I am no longer listing it, because several other copies are being listed on the GTN and not selling even though the asking price has dropped to 28% of what they originally listed it at. The current lowest asking price is absolutely a large loss compared to what all the needed materials would have sold for, and it's still not selling. At this point, I think the other sellers are just trying to partially recoup their losses. And I absolutely predicted this in another of the crafting threads. The reason for all this is that high crafting costs punish both crafters and would-be buyers. There's simply no comparison between 3k tech fragments + 1m credits and, for example, 100m credits. I am happy to pay the first. I am not happy to pay the second (in spite of being fully aware of the materials cost; it's simply too large an investment of my credits). Yet crafters need to list at a high price to avoid making a loss vs. simply selling their materials. Ultimately, only rich players can afford to pay a price for crafted endgame items that gives crafters a reason to craft instead of selling materials. And seemingly the majority of them are not doing so and simply waiting for the items' price to drop further. (Rich players are generally rich for a reason and don't throw their credits away without cause.)

Much of this could be avoided if the materials requirement for basic components was reduced to 2/2/2 and the supply of green materials was drastically increased. As it stands, a good number of players have an appreciation of the market value of exotic materials like matrices and embers. But almost none of them have a sense of just how many normal materials are required due to 8/10/10 component costs and the triple nesting of each purple component needing nine green components (via three blue components; not taking crits into account). And many of them also don't know that green materials are in short supply and thus currently sell for an artificially inflated price. Of course, many of them also don't know just how many isotopes, matrices, and embers are needed by the schematics, but at least this can be easily explained by a crafter who just lists numbers, whereas the situation with basic materials is a lot harder to explain (and many simply don't believe it... it is, after all, kinda astonishing, even to those of us who understand it).

Thus, reducing the basic materials cost, and increasing the green materials supply, will improve the situation for both crafters and buyers. Crafters will be able to drop their prices and still make some kind of profit. And the prices of crafted items will become more accessible to those who wish to buy.
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