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As a beta tester for Wildstar, I had high hopes for it's success. I thought it was creative, cute, funny and different, however, I just did the winter beta so I was not able to see the actual endgame content. I was there for launch and played for about 2 months. I experienced these things which are mixed reviews after I had a char to max level for a while:

Loved the quest difficulty and the ease of being led through the steps. Also loved the creativity of the quests, many of which had a real sense of humor to add to the enjoyment.

Hated the combat style with the conal strike area.
Thought the dungeons were too crazy difficult , especially the early ones. I expect adds but don't want to be swarmed with them in small, tight areas constantly.
Hated the attunement process to unlock end game dungeons. There was a bug in a middle part of the attunement and the devs did not help rectify it for me so I bailed after 2 months. I sent 8 tickets and received no response so I figured later days buds hehe.

Housing was surperb! I have not see housing done so well in any other MMO. It kept me occupied for so many hours with total manipulation of your environment plus so many decos, crafting modes and games to add to the property making it totally unique to each player's fancy.

Unfortunatley, the game was imo, hell-bent toward the elite player for end game Ops. There are just too few of them these days compared to the more mid-line base that seeks out games to enjoy.

As for SWToR, I have enjoyed the run here but I am fast-bored now and seeking other games to enjoy. Still subbed but don't know for how much longer. Plus the customer service here is just bad now, such a shame. After this experience as of late, I'd be really hard-pressed to play another Bioware or EA game...ever!