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If anyone thinks this game is going to die soon, I'd like to remind you we still have 2 more Star Wars movies to get through as well as the origin movies. I'm sure the hype from those movies will be enough to keep this game afloat until Episode 9 and beyond (provided the movies are good anyways).

And SWG died because of that retarded a ss NGE (New Game Experience) update, which got released 6 months after they released a previous big update known as CU (Combat Update). They tried to make the game WoW (World of Warcraft), but why play SWG's WoW when I can actually play WoW, which had the superior gameplay.

Seriously, if you didn't use their new UI because it sucked (straight up FPS controls), you could use the classic UI (what you have in SWTOR now) but your character would never be able to crit anything. Trooper land mines can one-shot people, but it's unrealistic for a LS to one-shot someone. SWG devs f ucked themselves and have no one else to blame for their stupidity, underhandedness, and callous remarks to the player base.

And because of how they screwed SWG, I haven't owned a single Sony product since I quit in 2006. I'm still mad about everything that went down. So yea Sony, suck a big one. Sorry, I'll get off the soap box now.
I still play SWG on SWGEMU. Its set up before NGE. I still enjoy some of the things in that game though even maxed the graphics are dated.