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I finally managed to finish the Dantooine Culinarian achievement this morning on Darth Malgus. I already had the Charred Kath Shank and Irritable Bloatgard which seem to spawn more frequently than the others. I found the hard to get ones on a PvP server between 9.30am GMT and 10.30am GMT (look for my character's location arrow on the maps as I cba to circle them). I found ALL the items in Dantooine's "Peacetime" state.

Fragile Glowshroom:
Looks like -
Map Location -
I found it near to the cliffs to the right of the Hugo heroic entrance (as you face it)

Unnaturally Huge Tuber:
Found here:
Map Location:
This looks like an orange blob on the ground and it's not obvious as a clickable item. Grab-it-now panic meant I forgot to take the screenshot before I clicked it

Perfectly Ripe Vormfruit
Looks like:
Map Location:
You need to look for a fruit tree that is a lot smaller than the others:

The Nova Blade Rotgut I eventually found the same day as the above at 11:30 when I switched back to a PvE server. I found it on the floor by the crates that are in the centre of the reactor place (near the Reactor Ransome heroic entrance):
Looks like:

For other locations check either Vulkk or MMObits as mentioned by others earlier in the thread.
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