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So lots of people are demanding shizz.

Early access wording "UPTO 5 DAYS" that does not mean 5 days, that means 1,2,3,4 or 5 days.

you want a timescale? Here's one:

Ordered july? Get in sometime by close of play tomorrow
August: Wednesday
Sept/Oct: Thursday
Nov: Friday
Dec: Saturday

and a FYI on those stating they've already paid BW/EA, The cover charge from origin will be held by origin. Yes they may be owned by EA but it is also a separate entity in it's own right. Even subsidary companies have balance sheets. That charge is sitting in Origin's accounts. I ordered from Amazon, not one cent has been taken from me yet, that happens the day they ship my box.

If you are staring at your email client hitting F5 every 5 seconds you really need help, or go do something more constructive. EA/BW are doing this for the LONG GAME, so general release goes smooth with minimal server downtime. Yea so it sucks that friends and guildies will be at different levels when you get to play. This game doesn't end when you hit level cap you know. Honestly most of you need to grow up, what ya gonna demand next, free levels for the time you missed because you weren't in the first waves?

MMO players need to learn patience, you'll play when you get to play. If you don't like it, go back to your other fail mmo's or the haven of all whiners everywhere warcrack. What EA/BW are doing is ensuring a longevity.
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