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04.06.2012 , 05:21 PM | #14
Would you care to comment on your reasons why the GTN/Mail limits are so [IMO] tiny?

I have five crafting professions at 400 and OCD not logic will drive me to max poor armstech. I want to avoid six slow logout and six log in screens; it is easier to just buy everything on one alt. But it is quite easy to exceed the 200 item mail cap just from purchases. Add in expired auctions and character/character transfers (/beg legacy bank) and I am way over.

I would emo-rage-pout :-) in different ways whether Bioware thought this was just a "let's see how performance and bots behave" launch phase versus "working as intended". The existing system works fine if you want to make a few items for yourself and an alt or two. If your "Elder Gaming" is crafting, then existing constraints are quite constraining.

Other game: Blizzard dev posted that mail transfer works well for a few dozen items between friends/alts but in retrospect they wish they did not also use it for AH(GTN) transactions. I think I managed to buy 600 items while waiting to kill Deathwing (WTB prompt raiders.) When some special snowflake puts up forty single items and that generates forty mail messages, it can add up.