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04.06.2012 , 05:02 PM | #12
I read that your current plan is to release operations consisting of 4-5 bosses each so that the experience of raiding them isn't too overwhelming, but I am concerned that as a result you are 'fracturing' tiers unnecessarily.

If we consider Explosive Conflicts as the first half of tier 2, and whatever operation comes in 1.3 to be the second half, then tier 2 is going to consist of four to five months of Explosive Conflict and then two to three months of whatever Operation comes next.

Would it not be a better plan to craft two operations at a time, meaning the raiding community has a choice of what to run at any given time, without having to face an extended run over a period of time in one Operation, and a curtailed run in the other Operation of the same tier which could be released months after?