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Currently only seen PTs pull more consistent DPS vs. a perfectly spec'd Apex build in PvE. Viru comes close, but with zeal and inherit alacrity 3% allowing 1.3 gcds at 514 stat gives too much free stats to move into crit.
514 Alacrity will not give you 1.3 GCD. You need 664 to give you 1.4 GCD.

I have 2 Mercs, one with CF (1.4 GCD) and the other with Apex (1.3 GCD). Honestly, I don't see more than 4-500 difference in parsing between the 2. And, I've never seen a 25k parse on a Merc. Who does that? Is that with the new 300 Augs?

I'm not good with my Jug and I can outparse my Merc with my Jug. I know, sounds like I'm not good with my Merc either, but I am. I run Arsenal with 265 Augs, my high dummy parse is 21.5k with my Apex 1.3. Even the parses I've seen posted aren't 25k, about 23k was the highest, and most were in the low to mid 22k range. (to be fair I haven't looked since the new Augs).