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I mean, thatís all well and good for your guild. But itís pretty inconsiderate toward people outside of your guild that are on your team and trying to go for objectives. Some people want to win the match for various reasons, but itís hard when half the team is just number farming at mid. Class balance is borked, Iíll admit that. But why exacerbate the problem by not actually trying to win?

Besides, if you want to farm dps and kills, just queue granked. Better rewards, better competition, and everyone gets what they want. I donít understand why non-objective players donít just stick to ranked. Why play a mode with something you donít want and try to force it to conform to your play style when thereís a perfectly good mode with exactly what you want?
i dont know what you're talking about, when you pvp instead of obj you're not "trying to force it to conform to your play style" you are just choosing to pvp and ignoring the pve/obj aspect of it entirely. i have a better question than "why do pvpers not just stick to ranked"? the real question should be; "why do pvers/objers (they are the same thing, if you're doing objs you are simply partaking in pve gameplay, objects are part of the environment) just go do flashpoints and/or operations or any of the other pve content in the game"? which are all purely objectives, it's exactly what they want. instead of entering warzones and whining at people who actually pvp.