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Hi all,

i am after some tips with romancing Vette. let me fill you in on my situation.

so when i got to Dromund Kaas i was around level 10/11 i talked to Vette and i took her shock collar off. i then started buying a lot of gifts for her. after awhile i had a thew more conversations with her like the one about her family and past and when she was a pirate. then i started to send her on crew missions to get companion gifts, the ones that are in parts that you need the curator to build. after a while i got to like 3000 affection and i was about level 17 by then and i have started to get flirty options. at this point i had another conversation with her and she told me about her old crew and that she got betrayed. at the end of that conversation i got a companion mission where you have to go to Nar Shaddaa space port and stop the person that betrayed her. that quest says its level is for 29, i was at that point level 17. so i carried on with the story and getting vette more gifts. but i noticed after that conversation where i got that companion mission she has not wanted to talk to me and im know level 25 and my affection with her is near 8000. should she have talked to me again? or do i have to do that companion quest before she will talk to me again? if she cant talk to me until after that quest all the other conversations i should have had will they be like queued up so i can have those conversations with her after the quest?

at the moment i am still level 25 and i have just arrived on Tatooine. when do i start getting more romance options with her and when can i marry her? also do you have any tips. the only thing i know at the moment is to romance her i have to pick the light side options in conversations as you cant romance her if your in the dark side.

so if you can answer these questions and give me any tips that would be great

Thanks Joe.
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