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Interesting run on MM hammer station recently with my jugg tank, with a sorc healer, mara and sniper.

As mentioned in my previous post, I am not too fond of the people who do unnecessary skips (where the skip takes longer than the pull) or unnecessary LOS.
Yeah, I'm all for skipping unnecessary trash and bonus missions to save time, but some people get so obsessive about skipping, they make the FP harder. And of course, because these people want to move at mach speed, they have no interest in explaining these skips to people, they just assume everyone will follow and know to do things exactly as they do with no deviation.

One of the ones that is silly to me is that skip in assault on tython with the jump you have to get just right. It's such a terrible skip because if even one party member struggles with the jump, you can waste god knows how much time trying to deal with that.

I think in general, if the group has a tank or a healer and decent DPS, there's little reason to skip trash that's directly in the way; it should melt. Ironically, it's the groups that struggle in combat that usually also struggle with pulling off the harder trash skips, when they are the ones that more need it.
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