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01.09.2022 , 05:15 AM | #10212
Interesting run on MM hammer station recently with my jugg tank, with a sorc healer, mara and sniper.

As mentioned in my previous post, I am not too fond of the people who do unnecessary skips (where the skip takes longer than the pull) or unnecessary LOS.

As such, when we get to the large pull that everybody LOS's for no good reason, I just tank it like I used to in the good old days. After a few seconds the group who is stood around the corner seems to notice I am not brining the enemies to them.
healer: "move"
me: "no ty"

The group them comes out from around the corner and we finish the pull.

carry on through the mission, eventually getting to the other pull that is often LOS'ed, the group just before the lift that can be sliced. I pull, the sorc and sniper join in, the mara is still around the corner and doesn't join in, we kill the pull.
mara: "tank is new"
me: "nope"
sniper: "I think hes oldschool"
me: "yep"
mara: "no, he doesn't know how to do this mission"
me: "*sniper name* is correct, joined in 2.0"
mara: "I been playing since beta"
healer: "I prefer it this way, plus its nostalgic"
sniper: "plus its nice to have a decent tank in a PUG for once"
me: "ty"

we do second boss, get to the two turrets at the bridge. It is red by the time we get there, so I decide we will just kill them while we wait. I pull, sniper and sorc join in, mara does nothing. Bridge comes back, mara crosses it and starts fighting the elite at the other end.

in the time it takes us to kill both turrets and catch up to the mara he has the elite down to half health, so not much of a time save by skipping them. If he had joined in attacking the turrets it would have been even faster.

get to final boss, sniper gets knocked off by boss knock-back, so its just me, healer and mara. The mara completely ignores adds, leaving me and the healer to kill them. We kill and loot.
me: "dps, playing since beta, doesn't kill adds"
mara: "I prefer to just kill the boss"
healer: "I think the tank prefers to do it properly"
sniper: "lol"
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