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Hi all,

Wanted to confirm a couple things. For Solo-Story mode, decorations do not drop from the bosses, but upon completing the quest, there is a chest that grants a decoration. This is a one time grant. Decorations currently drop in Story, Veteran, and Master modes; however, they are not guaranteed on every kill.

We have read feedback similar to the OP's, and are evaluating increasing the boss drop rates for SoV and SotE for Story, Veteran, and Master modes. We will keep you updated on any changes that may happen.
Thank you for your response to this matter, JackieKo. I seriously hope your evalution results in correcting this issue. It's important for your team to understand that players should be adequately rewarded for the amount of time and effort they are committing to the game. Decos are great rewards and provide strong incentive for players to commit to the grind, but not if their drop rate is so abysmally low as to make the whole endeavor just an exercise in frustration and wasted time. I agree with other comments made on this thread that you established a perfect sweet spot with Star Fortresses, Traitor Among the Chiss, Nathema and Objective Meridian. Guaranteed deco drops are a fair trade for players willing to put in the work to farm them. Time is precious for all of us and the idea of wasting hours farming FPs with such low deco drops amounts to nothing but an exercise in frustration and resentment. No thank you. Please return to the previous format that was established with Traitor Among the Chiss, Nathema Conspiracy and Objective Meridian.

Also, please tell the team to bring back the ILLUMINATION PROBE CRATE! That deco hasn't been dropping for years (along with many other decos that've been kicked to the curb)!