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Su cuy'gar Vod! Pehea cuyir gar ibi'tuur? <Mando Cabure> is an ambitious, active, knowledgeable, established guild focusing PVP|PVE|CQ. If you're looking to progress in-game and guild, We got your six. We're a tight knit community of gamers with chill leadership.

Here's what we can offer you:
-New, Returning, or previous solo player? No problem, we do PVP premades, offer gearing / rotation help, class mentoring, and will teach you all the raids in the game. Are you a veteran? No worries, we have many active / retired vets in the guild, and we get your humor.

-Casual player? No problem. Any guild purges will be posted to our social media sites, and on our discord with advance notice, and if you come back, you're always welcome back.

-Take a while to warm up to people? No worries. We highly recommend using our discord server and getting to know the other guildies and our guild allies, but it's not a requirement outside of raids. Hearing impaired or disabled? Not a problem, we have assistant raid leads that transcript the raid leads fight explanations.

-Ambitious player that wants to progress in guild, or achieve personal goals in the game? We got you covered there too. We're always looking for ambitious players that want to do more with the guild. Want to lead a raid? Lets do it. Want to lead pvp? Go for it! Want to learn tips and tricks for higher efficiency with rotations, earning credits, or gearing? No problem.

-You just want to decorate, make pretty outfits, and create your own online story? We have a pilot program for this, and are looking for players to help set it up!

And the stuff everyone else has:
-100% Guildship
-Rotating Guild Strongholds: Rishi, Manaan, Tatooine.
-Current Guild Bonuses: 12.10% Rep & XP / 3.84% Command.
-Conquest Prizes / Guild Events
-Discounted end-game augs / aug kits
-Free stims / adrenals / medpacs
-Free cosmetic armor to create that mandalorian look you want
-Contraband Cartel Slot Machines
-Discord / Facebook / Website
-Allied guilds to fill / team up with in all time zones.
-Raid signup for those that want to raid, no earning spots. Be 50+, subscriber, on discord, and ready to rock for raid times.
-Dirty Pub Guild.
-And much more.

If you're interested, look for our guild ad's in-game, or /who Cabure and PM anyone for an invite.

Aliit Ijaat Manda'yaim!