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05.11.2021 , 04:26 PM | #17
I would like to note for the record that on its face, I would not mind a little quest that had you assemble a new starship. After all, the HK-51 quest is decent, if not sometimes frustrating with the Burba device. But assembling a droid from parts you find isn't the same scale as, well, building what is essentially a corvette-class ship. These aren't just single or two-person starfighters, these ships carry multiple personnel with quarters, crafting space, meeting rooms, target practice areas, etc. But, I'm willing to suspend disbelief.
That being said, this suggestion doesn't seem feasible, given:
1) the size of the development team
2) the number of players it will appeal to
3) the work involved in the new cinematics/voice acting/engineering/programming/etc.
4) Its replayability ... part of the reason why the three difficulty levels of the chapters work is because it enhances the existing replayability of the chapters. I can certainly see people working towards doing master mode of chapters on different character classes as being an interesting goal ... i can't see people wanting to see their class ship blow up multiple times, but that's just my opinion.

I think the developer's time and effort would be better spent on, well, a lot of things.
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