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05.12.2020 , 12:50 AM | #21
I agree with the other players that the UI change is terrible, don't fix what isn't broken.

Specifically, please turn the Welcome Window from a dropdown into an actual, free-floating window. Then restore the social bar to its original design; specifically, retain the minimalist layout and do not remove the current zone name and /who player count.

Regarding the contents of the Welcome Window, I've never found much use of such a feature in other games (the things it showed me provided no value, and actual important news was missing), and I don't see a use for it here.

We've been through a lot of experimentation with Tutorials, Galactic Command, Activity Finder, Conquest and now this.
First of all, do not auto-expand the window on every login. When I'm switching between chars, I don't want to have to collapse the window each time. Instead, only open the window if the character (or legacy) hasn't logged in for the last 7 days (or maybe 30 days).
Second of all, the daily 50% CM sale should not be part of the Welcome Window, especially for paying subscribers.

I agree that this is a missed opportunity to highlight actual game news (e.g. new features or patch notes, emergency server shutdowns), or current activity finder or renown bonus, really anything for endgame players. It doesn't even mention Double XP even though that is running right now, and it likely won't show Casino event or Lifeday since those are not part of conquest.
On my PTS char (who is still in the Onderon story), the crit path only shows a blank image without text, so I can't really give feedback on that. I hope that on my live chars which completed their crit path, I won't see a blank image and you'll just hide that section.
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