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Hi , my new best friend on this server, follower of my old thread!

Some questions i have: Do you guys have a flagship? I was not able to find one on the public listing. I confess, i just took a look at the first page. Pretty massive amount listed there. Maybe i havent seen it, or it has a different name. I am a deco addict and i have visited many, litterally a ton of flagships and strongholds. And i am really curious about yours! If it is listed there, make it easier for me to find it. Just give me the rank range on the list (and/or maybe the name).

Why this guildname? Sounds a bit weird to me. Maybe for some others too. It must have a deeper meaning. Maybe it is a secret code or something. Somehow it reminds me on a guild and their famous weekend parties. Their guildname pretty indicated their target. Havent seen them around for, must have been one or two years. You took over their part? Just in a sneaky, hidden and secret way? Without public weekend party? Maybe a closed all week party? Maybe this are the mentioned guildevents? Is this the reason i wasnt able to find your flagship? Enlighten me about the meaning of your guild name. I am really curious. The longer i am thinking about it, the more i am like: Hey!, Why not start writing a book about it. So many questions ... just because of such a guildname. Could be a simple reason though.

And the next and last question for today. Your maingoal is to get really famous on this server?
Hint: You are on the way Got some nice screenshoots from pub fleet chat. Made 2 or 3 hrs after someone mentioned an old forgotten thread of this forum on imp fleetchat. Made me smile and laughing, but i am getting lost in details again.

Going to stop now, already wasted too much time, although i got a lot more questions.

In case you want to answer all those questions as pm. I could imagine several reasons why you would want to do that, feel free to do so.
So you are upset you cant find our flagship, you dont like our name and you think my main goal is to be famous? This is such a random post. Have fun playing SWTOR! Thanks for the bump!