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Many have ventured into the mysterious part of space positioned against the border of the known galaxy, which is colloquially referred to as the Unknown Regions, but few ever return.

As a combined effort between the spheres of Galactic Influence and Sith Doctrine a new initiative, designated Eclipse, was formed to return to the Unknown Regions. This initiative was created from the powerbase of, and lead by, a long lived and enigmatic Darth who is known more through rumor than official record. Officially the prime directive of the initiative is to explore the Unknown Regions and map them as an extension of the Empire’s reach, to prove there is nowhere the shadow of the Sith cannot eclipse.

Unofficially there are whispers that the Eclipse Initiative and its leader have other objectives beyond those made public. The odd timing of the initiative’s launch combined with the fact that the manifests for the entire exploratory fleet are sealed and the use of heavy screening for even the most basic military personnel has led to many rumors and theories.

The oldest and most primal emotion a sentient mind can possess is fear, and the strongest thing one can fear is the unknown. It stands to reason then those who choose to face the unknown are either foolish or fearless; but if they return, they are never the same.

We are currently looking for Sith of Lord level or lower, Non-force using characters in Military, Medical, Research or Engineering roles. In terms of character concepts, we're looking for ones that step outside the usual RP tropes (or blend the aforementioned tropes with novel takes).

We're, also, looking for individuals that enjoy genuine long-term, organically progressive, in-depth RP of all kinds (not just Sith), and individuals willing to create their own RP, without expectations of being 'dragged' online or pushed to socialize (ICly, or OOCly). Due to certain themes in the guild's RP, we require our members to be 18+, and we also require a decent understanding of the English language.

We have officer positions available, too.

If interested, fill out an application at the link below, and someone will be in touch with you ASAP. We look forward to hearing from you.