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If it was cross legacy I'd probably max out every companion or at least a large number of them for story, combat, and crafting purposes.

For example, let's say you were starting a new character/alt to (re)play the story. You could immediately grab whatever companions you have unlocked via legacy (Treek, HK, Darth Hexid, etc) allowing you to use a fully ranked comp from the start of the story before you even get your first story companion. Then once you get to fleet and get your crew skills you'd already have a few max influence comps unlocked that you could immediately start using for crafting.

Another benefit/bonus would be that as you play through the story any comps that you're forced to use would be their best selves. This would be especially helpful when replaying through stuff like KOTFE during the points where your forced to use comps like Lana.
I don't doubt that would be easier, but maybe Bioware thinks we appreciate what our comps do more if we must work to get them to 50 influence, or perhaps (some) people like running around with a level 1 influence comp (because they want to run around with a comp) but not have the companion so overpowered that all the player is doing is walking behind the comp looting corpses while the comp does all the work.
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