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Well, thanks for the reply. Could you explain to me why you consider that it's for the best? It's a serious question, i really can't see a reason for it. It doesn't seem to be an exploit of the fight, sure it makes it easier, but not in a sense that feels like cheating (at least for me). Are you on Jaydenz team btw?
It depends how people define exploit. Everyone seems to have their own definition and people pick and choose which cheese is fine to them and which isn't. There are double standards everywhere in these discussions. Is kiting the boss something the developers intended to be an option? clearly not as they are removing the possibility. Does kiting take advantage of any bugs/glitches? No.

I think the worst part about kiting is that it removes the output check entirely from DPS due to the boss having 15% increased damage taken for the majority of the encounter. For example, last night I played my lethality operative and healed almost the entire time and we never came close to the enrage.

While it is nice having different ways to do the boss, I don't think kiting was a healthy solution. My bigger complaint is that Bioware suddenly cares about the state of the operation 10 months into the tier. The entire operation is the most cheesable one they have ever released. Things should have been fixed ages ago. What was the point of an extended PTS cycle if they never fixed anything we reported?

And yes, I am on a team with Jaydenz on SS, but it was Origin on SF that created the kiting strat