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Dark Projects are a grey difficulty item when crafted by a max-level crew skill character, so they have a high chance to crit on craft, resulting in 2 Dark Projects for the 1 Iokath / 1 War Supply.

Also, the compendiums for CC in the CM is a staggeringly bad deal - convert the CC to just about anything (dyes, boosts, packs) and sell for credits on GTN, use credits to buy Dark Projects and compendiums from the Fleet vendor, and easily boost multiples more companions for the same CC input and/or have lots of credits left over.
In terms of crits for this sort of crafting, I usually see a decent amount:
Dark Projects normally return 13ish of 16 (meaning from the 8 crafters, each round has 5 critical successes)
Invasion Forces normally only do 12 of 16
War Supplies are normally around 11 of 16 (lower than invasion for me, dunno why)

With Jawa scrap buying the materials, 3 crafters ( 1 biochem, 1 arms/armor, 1 synth/artif) can combine to make 1 Dark Project for around 350 green jawa scrap and 50 blue jawa scrap. It's a hefty initial investment, but well worth it in the long run)