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Do you mean you sold the Withered Tree to another player? I thought all Ossus decos were BOP, but I know that some of the more rare Ops decos can be sold in direct player-to-player exchange even if for some reason they can't be sold on the GTN (like the planetary display decos).
No, you're correct, it's a bind on pickup item. I sold it to a vendor, since all of the world drop decos on Ossus are worth 25,000 credits each. I usually preview when obtaining one and if I don't think I'll use it anywhere, I vendor it since they drop fairly frequently in the heroics.

Don't take that one off the list on my word alone, though, I'm questioning myself now on whether I'm remembering the right decoration. This would have been a drop from a heroic, not a world boss as was mentioned in that thread you linked. It's possible that it may have been the Petrified Tree, but I could have sworn it was the Withered Tree.
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