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I find it interesting that of all the many "unrealistic" things that happens in a fantasy game, only the availabilty of romances to either gender has to comply some arbitrary idea of "reality"
It's "unrealistic" that a person will fall in love with someone regardless of morals, looks, ethics, race, religion, species..... This happens in the game and no one seems to be raising their concerns over "reality". Why a gender check has to be made and not many other things ?
This is a good argument for all LIs being PCsexual, because you're right. We are talking about a game, and lots of unrealistic things happen in games, particularly when romances are involved. It is unrealistic to think that a predominantly LS companion would fall in love with a full on DS PC. Or that all the LI companions would be interested in cross species relationships. Most of the romances occur within the space of half a dozen conversations, which is also not terribly realistic (though I'm sure someone is going to point out that some people get married after only knowing each other for hours, and I'm sure there are some very very very rare instances where those marriages last until death parts them).

I don't understand what you mean by this.

For me, the only difference between a gay man and a straight one is which gender is the people they like to have sex with, be emotianally attached to. That's all. I won't assume anything else beyond that.

Say Steve Cortez in ME3. What if instead of "husband" in his lines it was "wife" ? What would have changed for you ? Nothing for me. He would still be the same smart, sweet guy who's grieving the loss of a loved one.
But if he said "wife" instead of husband, he would probably also be attracted to female!Shepard, and therefore would react differently to female!Shepard when she flirts with him. He might also show interest in other female crew-mates, especially if not romanced (ie: Garrus goes for Tali if neither are romanced). And that is primarily what I mean.

Let's say you like Kira's romance with a male Jedi. You say it's well written. What makes it a good writing ? What is actually written or the lack of a "female" version of that romance ?

Some people don't find engaging homosexuals romances, others don't find engaging straight ones. If a writer manages to write a romance that's equally enjoyable and satisfying for some from first bunch as well as for some from the second bunch, how is that bad writing ? I could even say it's good writing.

I think this has to do more with "gender-blindness" in a game, as an approach to writing than specifically a "romance" issue, but that's another whole discussion.
Sexuality is a part of a person's personality, and therefore informs their reactions to certain situations and experiences in general. So when writing a character, one has to be aware of their sexuality. The problem with PCsexual characters is that quite often, their sexuality is left out as a consideration of their past history and experiences (because PCsexuals don't actually have their own sexuality, they merely react to/reflect the PC's sexuality). This is bad writing and/or poor character design, IMHO. (I suppose one could argue that things work differently when writing for a game, given the limited amount of space the writers have for character development, but I still think that there is a certain level of realism writers should strive for, and working out what sexuality a character from the get go is part of that... Which is why I was encouraged when they said what they said about already knowing which characters would be SGRAable.)
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