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Restore pre-6.0 mission success chance rates. Before 6.0, I do not remember ever failing a grey-difficulty mission
Even if one can re-achieve pre-6.0 success rate via amplifiers, having to swap equipment back and forth just to run missions actively makes the crafting experience worse, when 6.0 should be trying to make it better.
You don't remember failing those, because you didn't... the failure rate was well known... 0% change on grey 1% on green, 5% on yellow, 10% on orange, flat rate chance, affected by nothing but color difficulty
oh and for fun, those amplifier will NEVER return us to pre-6.0 failure rates,
The above statement (by me) is incorrect... I misread some available buffs, and I cannot yet confirm how much effect the "+success"" amplifiers can or do have)

crewskill missions are a two roll system.... roll for success/failure (flat rate, based on difficulty), then IF if succeeds, roll for critical (based on bonuses)

and to top it off, those amplifiers are completely misleading.... they only apply AFTER the roll for critical (or after the application of time reduction) so are reduced from their stated value, by the inverse of the base rate....
ie Real Amp Value = Amp% * (1 - Base %).... so 50 companions, and no other bonuses see only 1/4 of amp efficiency, and 3/4 of crit (down to 3/5 at for subs)... Max... less for every other normal bonus you can get (like the subscriber crit bonus)
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