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Not to my knowledge. Aside from Meetra Surik's appearance as a ghost, there aren't many references unique to KOTOR II in this game. The Easter eggs and nostalgia concentrate more on KOTOR I
However, there is a reference of sorts to bao-dur. Corellia impside planetary quest, you have to fight a Zabrak Jedi, Corin Tok, with "special armor" who claims he can't die. Before you fight him he says:

This garden honors the champions of the Jedi Civil War. Heroes. Revan, Bastila Shan and my ancestors--Zabrak who fought to save the galaxy.
Since there was only one zabrak who fits that description, it's pretty obviously Bao-Dur. I think he also gets a namedrop in the smuggler heist mission along with GO-TO as one of the items you steal.

Here's a link to that scene, begins 2:37.
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You were loyal to EA/Bioware at a time when there was no reason to be loyal to them, and now that loyalty is being tested. If there is any justice in the world, you clearly deserve a special reward. Hopefully it happens, delivered on your porch in a brown paper bag, aflame with the light of justice.