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Lightning is absolutely fine vs. sins, you just have to punish that their root break has 20s CD. They are very weak to slows and roots due to their T-Rex arms.
Saying that there is no counterplay is denial, yes you get stun locked - but every other classes also destroy you when you get stun locked in the opener, that's not just a sin thing. Yes sin brings a lot of that CC themselves, but you could always phasewalk. If you didn't place (e.g. orbital station) after dropping down you could've always unclicked it once you are save on top of the stairs, if you don't and you place it there and you get stun locked on your phasewalk... that is your mistake.

Yeah, carnage and snipers suck - but how can you complain about other classes being too good when you know that yours is just bad? Why even play a bad class at all? You know it's bad and that gives you a shield for being the same. Just play Fury, or even better - just play deception. "uh bUt I'm NoT a MetA aBuSeR" - WHY NOT? It's ranked you can use every advantage!

Again, just reroll to a viable class and problem is solved, lightning is a viable class. It's just not broken like in 6.X.
I mean lightning still sucks massively against sins, the matchup is like 85% to the sin, but you're right it's not 100% like the other two. And sure "viable", as in, playing lightning at 100% potential will net you the results of a fury mara playing at 50% potential, but you can still win some games. It's good for memes or for practicing kiting under harder circumstances for when u go back to madness, but no one will play this spec for ELO. Anyone on a meta spec who feels like it can abuse your complete absence of a recovery mechanism (or stealth) to force you to just not play the game for a minute and a half, and then die, giving them a h2f. Same problem sniper has. 6.X was broken, but it could stand to have *one* of the 5 or 6 tools they took away back (those being short phase+leap immunity, bubble heal, stun DR, bubble stun/surging speed--one can be taken but not both as before, short stun+reduce target dmg, accuracy debuff, speed boost on heal, and a free spot in case I forgot anything).