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The last ~10% may prove decisive in determining the answer to my question, but I feel the answer is op-dependent. And not just because some of them have no NiM, either.
Returning to your original question:
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Which set of mechanics is considered canon for an op boss then, the mechanics at release or the current mechanics?
I would say that the question is largely meaningless. From a point of view of someone trying to run the Op, only the current mechanics at the chosen difficulty can possibly matter, but that is inevitably down to a question of gameplay rather than lore.

What about from a lore point of view, then? Ultimately all the history books would say is "there was a big fight and the intruders defeated the Dread Masters" or whatever, even without the variability (across different versions and different difficulties) of the mechanics. What is "the lore" if it is not just an unusually elaborate and detailed history book?

And I advise strongly against introducing any kind of debate about "canon" regarding SWTOR. Consider the mention of someone called Revan in Rise of Skywalker. People were all "whoo!! Revan is canon!" except that:
* It was a reference to *someone* called Revan. That doesn't mean it was the Old Republic (whether KOTOR or KOTOR2 or SWTOR) person of that name.
* It confirmed merely the existence of someone sufficiently Sithy to be the namesake of a legion, and provided no other details.
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