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If the exploits aren't fixable, then this would remove them. I said I didn't think it was a solution, cause it's not. Combat content is important in an theme park mmo based on combat classes. But it would be better than using platforming onto things you're not supposed to jump on (hence why most people get stuck when trying.) or using checkpoint res to skip most of it...
Actually, I don't think its necessarily all that unusual that a party might try to skip enemies. Even a Jedi who couldn't use Force Cloak might desire to focus only on the mission and not cause extraneous deaths. For example, take Athiss. Jumping onto that ledge before the first boss would definitely fall into your category of platforming and getting stuck. But, its not uniconic that a Jedi might take that route. Imagine Obi Wan, who did not have the ability to turn invisible, sneaking through the Death Star.

I think you are going to have a lot easier time convincing people to come around to your side if you stick to things that are arguably unintended. Stick to the example of everyone waiting at the beginning of the flashpoint until a stealther reaches a pre-defined revival checkpoint.
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