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04.07.2021 , 11:56 AM | #189
New bug I noticed with the Mythran Hunter Set. I was up to 5/7 pieces in Collection so I destroyed a few pieces since I didn't think I was going to need them to unlock the set since Collections had already registered them as "collected." But then when I checked back later, it had dropped down to 2/7 as it seems it was only registering the items in my inventory with no memory of what I had previously acquired. Just tested by equipping and destroying an armor piece and equipping the armor did not cause it get saved either.

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This does not appear to be working. I started with 3 group objectives (both weeklies and one daily) and refreshing the group daily replaced it with a new non-group daily, (Defeat Enemies on Home Worlds) but this does not advance from killing enemies either on Ord Mantell or Tython (Republic side)
I just attempted to recreate this bug by rerolling one of my new objectives. The rerolled objective was complete 5 daily missions on Onderon. Completed the light the fire and ritual fight mission. I think I also had the Onderon complete 6 missions mission active at 5 missions before starting. Upon completion, the tracker went up by 2 (I assume the second was for the 6 mission mission), so I did not recreate the bug as described above. Possible the bug is just tied to the Homeworld objective, which I do not have so I can't test it, rather than the reroll system.