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04.07.2021 , 03:10 AM | #183
Questions For the Week
Here are a new set of questions for this week’s PTS!
Are you able to quickly locate your Priority Objectives and efficiently track them?
yes, though again the Daily does not work and so does not track - and when traveling back to the fleet, the Daily objective was untracked
Do you feel like you have agency to make decisions regarding your Priority Objectives (which aspects of the Objectives to complete, being able to complete them with friends)?
no, it feels like I have no choice whatsoever and am forced to play stuff I don't like
When tracking multiple types of objectives, is it clear which ones are your Priority Objectives versus those which aren’t?
yes, nice touch with the different colors
Are the Priority Objectives clear as to what needs to be done to complete them?
Daily: yes; Weekly: not always (define "multiple times")
Is it clear how Priority Objectives contribute to the progression of Galactic Seasons?
What feedback, if any, do you have regarding the new Refresh feature on Priority Objectives?
instead of a refresh button we should have the CHOICE what we want to play! like a drop down as mentioned by someone else where we can choose the ones that are to our liking
Any additional feedback you may have regarding this latest update to Galactic Seasons is welcome!
- the credit cost for catch up is too steep now and in no relation to what you are getting
- I only saw one Daily Objective (which didn't work) - aren't there supposed to be 2?! - on that matter: for me the 2nd Tython-defeat-enemies-conquest-objective didn't work as well
- the now 10 decos (which is nice!) should stack
- still not enough Tokens to earn and too many empty reward-levels... and imagine to pay over 200 million credits to catch up on an empty reward level
- I like the update on the daily-login-reward-window - though as others mentioned: the decrease of GS points was very unnecessary!