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[list][*][*]Do you feel like you have agency to make decisions regarding your Priority Objectives (which aspects of the Objectives to complete, being able to complete them with friends)?
[*]What feedback, if any, do you have regarding the new Refresh feature on Priority Objectives?
If there's going to be four objectives available, I think it makes sense half of them can't be changed. Encouraging people to venture outside of their comfort zone is def not a bad thing. However, when it comes to refresh function it'd be nice if players could switch TO what they enjoy instead of (just) switching away FROM what they dislike. If there are two objectives..leave one to dice, but maybe let players pick whatever they lenjoy doing as the second one. I think it'd be a nice balance.

I think it'd be fun if completing GSF, Warzone, Ranked, FP, etc weekly&daily mission would give players some nifty reset-tokens as loot. Click a token=guaranteed refresh into to that specific PO.

^ - Failing that, please make sure refresh option for daily missions is " clever". There's, what, two dozen "Kill X on planet Y" daily missions and maybe 10 objectives requiring something, anything else. So if you click away from " kill 50 mobs on DK" changes are you replace it with " kill 50 mobs on Tatooine" or something. I'd rather just do some GSF! Or regs. Or FPs.

p.s Can't see daily POs at all, only two weeklies showing up.