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05.31.2020 , 08:56 PM | #2
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MM FPs are a joke currently, even the ones that were a little bit difficult at Lvl 70 are now complete faceroll

Either remove stacks in Master mode or add a T4 without stacks. Also unnerf nerfed mechanics (like the boss in Lost Island now punts much slower)

The highest tier in group content shouldn't be "accessible", it shouldn't be easily doable for everybody. That's what the lower tiers are there for. Highest tier should be hard even for very good players. Unfortunately outside of NiM operations there's no hard content in the game.

Nerfing the flashpoints into the ground was completely unnecessary. Please give us challenging Flashpoints again, I almost fell asleep in Umbara MM last week
The highest Group content isn't FP's. If you want the Highest group content you need to do Master Mode Operations. FP's aren't meant to be anywhere near as difficult as Master Mode Operations.