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But for orientation's sake, here are the things that you need/should complete before starting the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion:

Class Story => Ilum => Makeb => Assault on Tython => Incursion on Korriban => Depths of Manaan => Legacy of the Rakata => Rishi => Yavin IV => Ziost
Sort of.

The key point is that the Class Story (including the class companion stories), Prelude to Revan / Forged Alliances(1)(2), Shadow of Revan(3) and Rise of the Emperor(4) are locked out if you haven't finished them before starting KotFE.

Ilum and Makeb are not, and nor is the Oricon story which I presume you forgot to mention. All three of those *can* be completed later, even if the storytelling order is more or less what you said. (Oricon comes *after* Makeb and before Prelude to Revan.)

(1) Tython, Korriban, Manaan, Rakata

(2) And you're wrong for Pubside characters, where Korriban comes first, then Tython.

(3) Rishi, somewhere else on Rishi, and Yavin

(4) Ziost.
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