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04.17.2021 , 05:33 PM | #5
For a long while I wondered why seeing videos online the game looks so different than when I play. My games are still beautiful to look at, but it's 2D cartoon animation while videos are 3D textural. Finally, duh, it dawned on me it's because I have all my graphics at minimum quality plus a lower screen resolution. When initially setting up I wanted to be sure I could play and worried graphics would take up too much memory.

I forgot all about it. My computer can handle it, so I increased the graphics level and resolution. Now I have what the videos have, and the differences are astounding. I'm not upset I didn't have this before, but I'm enjoying what I have now. The scenery is fantastic. Facial features are more lifelike. Clothing textures and colors are vibrant. Everyone looks so much better.