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One good way to use that extra currency youíve looted is for the earpiece and relic slots to get whatever one you specifically need. Itís less of a hassle to buy, say, the Thrysian relic of focused retribution directly and upgrade that, than it is to hope you will be lucky and roll a FR relic from whatever other box you are opening.

The earpieces are worth changing out to purples over the green or blue versions because the tertiary stats are better, and earpieces have more tertiary stat than body pieces of the same iRating and color quality. However, Relics donít have any differences in either the size of the proc effect or stats on the relic of green to purple so there isnít a need to upgrade those if they are the proper iRating.

If you are already happy with your ear and relics you could use it for a offhand that multiple Combat Styles can use, and upgrade that. The offhand will naturally cost more Accelerants than an ear or relic. I donít have the numbers in front of me but i think itís around 200-something to upgrade a 316 to 326.
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