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You won't get much in the way of PvP gear with that amount and that vendor's equipment starts at 316 iirc. If you're gear is already 318 or higher, you're better off continuing your favourite content to get & upgrade your gear. I have OP-1 Catalysts and FP-1 Stabilizers that have dropped randomly from "normal world" mobs, but I have no intention of running FPs or Ops to get more for the gear. I'll just stick with conquest and unranked to get to 326 - unranked is okay-sh. You get a lot more balance matches than before 7.0 (in my experience).
I think eventually, you will approach the cap of that currency. The length of time it takes depends on how many mobs you kill. When you are capped or near the cap, that would be the time to use them to buy a piece and get the upgrades. You don't want to start with something that you don't have enough currency to upgrade all the way if the currency is specifically for/from content you don't do.
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