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On topic: I'm sad at the news, cause I think there were some really interesting ideas behind EQN. Maybe they were a daydream though and the developer ended up trying too much and it all collapsed. I don't know. However EQN was one of the few titles in development I was interested in.

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Things just ain't what they used to be. MMO's circa early 2000's were more about roleplaying and just being immersed into the world. It was a pleasure to walk around everywhere on foot, to take in the scenery. There was a sense of magic that is totally gone for the most part nowadays. The fun in gaming back then was just playing the game. Now people gripe if they have to click more then 4 buttons, or sit through a cut scene.
YES! That immersion is gone from todays MMOs. SWTOR does a good job on many a front, but at its core the tasks are all very repetitive, and the world is very static. This breaks the immersion for me no matter how good it looks. There is zero emergent gameplay. Everything is pre-processed for your leisure in advance. You check a guide from dulfy how you are supposed to do something. No brain activity required.

Lately I find Im only logging in for crafting missions and to craft and sell 216 armoring that I managed to get a schematic for on GTM. Ironically, my sub is soon running out and I won't be able to do this anymore due to severe wallet restriction. Then I won't have any reason at all to log in..

It's all changed now. Gaming mentality is more like "gotta login and get muh dailies/weeklys done and get dat' loot yo" the world itself and the players in it are just a giant inconvenience. TO be fair though, I play this game because its a wonderful solo game! I don't really group or hassle with doing OP/FP because I've turned into one of those old grumps that can't be bothered to sit through that type of content. The most I'll put up with as far as group content is WZ and even that gets on my nerves cause of Sorcs. -_-
I have a question: is "do dailies"-mindset result of players wanting it, or are the developers pushing it to us? I don't want to believe its the former. If it is, then theres is like no hope for mankind.

Very few developers seem to be even entertaining ideas about something different than grinding dailies stuff. EQN was one of those few imo, and look what happened..
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