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04.19.2021 , 02:43 AM | #1
[[Note: this is from a mainly PvP perspective]]

So I've been playing a juggernaut (in addition to an AP Powertech) as my main since open beta (with years of non play in between) with my favorite spec today being Rage. The marauder never really appealed to me so in the years that I play I never bothered to make one. Also because most of the forum topics about "what should I play, marauder or juggernaut?" typically the reactions say 'go juggernaut, almost same damage, better survivability', 'marauder is far more difficult to play for almost no benefit' etc.

Last week I decided to use my free level boost to get a level 70 marauder. My first marauder ever. O...M...G..
Without ever playing this advanced class, I did really well in PvP (admittedly the experience with the Rage Juggernaut helps a lot). Took a little to adjust to the fury/rage mechanic and the many defensive abilities. And admittedly I'm comparing it at level 70 to my juggernaut at level 75, but already I can see how the Fury Marauder trumps the Rage Juggernaut in almost every way. Damage seems noticeable higher, with the added bonus of being able to debuff heals. The mobility is absolutely amazing! Defensively, the Marauder actually does better than the Juggernaut in PvP due to the vast amount of useful DCD's. Plus as a bonus you can actually escape unfavorable encounters in many situations. Not in the least, the Fury Marauder has quite a number of ways to gain immunity to CC!
The only things I miss from the Juggernaut really is the reflect, force push and the ability to protect the team with taunts.

I'm afraid that I cannot go back to my Rage Juggernaut anymore, because it really feels less in almost every way to its Marauder counterpart