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Thank you Eric!

I am all for mergers because I believe keeping dead servers active does more harm than good. Players who return to, or roll on, those dead servers, are faced with the illusion that SWTOR is a dead game...which it is not.

There are a few primary concerns:
Guild assets
RP servers

Guild assets should be handled in advance of any merger by Bioware, on a case by case basic. Guild ships and guild strongholds would need to be unlocked on a new server and special help in reforming guilds should happen. Any merger needs to be as smooth as possible and guilds are one of the most important assets of this game.

RP server either need to continue to exist, or they need to have special accommodations in a merged scenario.

Name purge prior to any transfers and moving high population servers to the lower pop ones is what I would expect. That doesn't negate naming issues, but it does help.

One additional thing I would like, with or without a merger, is an expansion of the /ignore list. The current limit is too low and I believe it needs to be higher.
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