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Forgotten? Not at all. I can also read a calendar. However, recent Developer interviews have said things to the effect of de-emphasizing story content for now, and bringing it out in larger but much more infrequent updates. We don't know whether that means that the story content promised for this year (which same-gender romance was lumped with) has been delayed indefinitely, but it sounds likely.

We don't know. There have been large changes at BioWare Austin since that commitment was made, and large changes in the direction of the game. There are also questions about this content which have never been addressed either of the times we have heard anything definite about it. And that's why this thread is still relevant, why it's still open, and why we still press for an update on the status of same-gender content.
How long ago was it that they said "This Year?" How much is left of this year and have they said anything else about it since then?