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01.19.2021 , 10:17 PM | #10071
As a fairly new player, the attitude of the ""new"" players are terrible.

Example 1:
I was leveling my ~lv55 merc tank (didn't realize I haven't got all classes to lv75). Got D7 with at least one lv75.
The group clearly have no idea where they should go, can't follow kill order, pull trash multiple times when I lead and zip-zapping through the map. But that's ok, I always went back for them, taunting the trash they accidentally pulled away from them, and saved their asses multiple times.
When we were going through the last part, where you can run through 2 groups of trash that spawned, I waited for everyone before the triggering point, ran together, and when unsurprisingly, they were too slow and aggroed the trash, I ran back, group taunt the trash to save them.
THE *********** RAN AWAY AND LEFT ME TO DIE. I struggled for about 30 sec and none of them thought of going back to kill the big group they aggroed??

I should let them *********** wipe. They would wipe at least 5 times if I was not around. **** them.

Example 2:
Cademimu. 4 lv75. 2 Jugg tanks. 2 Snipers (me and the other)
Should be a piece of cakes right?
One of the tank kept aggroing everything. And I mean everything. LITERALLY.
He was clearly not 306 geared, he didn't los, no guard, no nothing, just jump at random trash in the corner when we were avoiding it, got himself and us almost killed multiple times.
The other sniper typed -_- and o_o every time the tank pulled another random trash. I finally fed up before the first boss and vote kicked him. Vote went through fast.
The guy got kicked whispered me saying "you are not very nice, I'm new to this game"
I said "when I was new, I didn't pull ****" (tbh I thought he was the kind of jerk who aggros everything for kicks)
He had the audacity to say something like "I pulled but no one died I don't see what's wrong"
WE DIDN'T DIE BECAUSE WE HAVE 3 OTHER LV75, ONE OF WHICH WAS A TANK, AND THE TWO DPS WERE FULLY GEARED AND KNEW WHAT THEY'RE DOING. If he's with a team who were new or simply too low a level to handle the big groups with elite droids, that's guaranteed wipe, multiple times, and that's a fact. I told him so and he stayed silent after that.

Fast forward to the boss fight.
The other tank, turned out, didn't know about the fight either. HE STOOD UNDER THE FIRE WHEN BOTH US SNIPERS RAN TO THE SAFE CORNER and watched the tank showing under fire.
The other sniper made another o_O face because, shockers, I, too, had no idea this tank was also a noob.
(Un)fortunately my lv50 Theron was too good, he healed through the burn and we killed the boss with no one died.
I whispered the other sniper "Damn those Sith, we can't trust them"
She whispered back "Nope."