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11.29.2021 , 04:11 PM | #1
I am a returning player after a couple years and I'm seeking a active guild on the Republic side to join

Current Characters I have
- 75 Vanguard
- 75 Jedi Sentinel
- 71 Jedi Guardian
- 70 Gunslinger
- 70 Jedi Sage

- A guild that is very active doing PVE/PVP content would be a good fit I hate logging into the game in a guild and play 8 hours or more and not a single person getting on I wanna run dungeons and ops with the guild not be bored that's the whole reason to join a guild. I have seen plenty of guilds on the server that have 200-800 people in the guild but they don't play or log on or its just all alts.

- I use to raid and would like to in the future but a lot has changed and I need to learn how to play again and what class to play this go around and gearing for raid content first, But it would be in my list of things to get into for end game and prepping for the xpac coming later in December.

If you would like to contact me please message me on discord at Wulf#3718