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Nar Shadaa is a cross-faction SH that is fairly easy to unlock. It has more smaller rooms, and a few main ones which make it easy to theme sections. This is advantages if you have a limited number of any single cartel market decoration. If you have only one or two of one theme like Onderon, and then one or two Yavin, putting them in separate rooms can make it feel more well-developed of a decorating concept.

Several of the other suggestions that were already mentioned are also great: Tatooine, Manaan, Rishi, Dromund Kaas, and Coruscant (for rp related themes they could be an ally of the Republic)

Complicated ones for a Mando SH:
Yavin and Alderaan are less ideal due to the heavy Republic story association you CAN use them. The Umbaran Train is possible, but it has numerous Medium hooks on the inside, so that the only good spots for the fun large bars are on the 'open' boxcars that have no ceiling. You don't get to have as much choice in where you put things.

Smaller / Easier: Dromund Kaas, Nar Shadaa, Umbaran Train (though mildly problematic theme of an SH for a Mando cantina)
Moderate: Tatooine, Manaan, Yavin
Large/ Extensive Collection may be needed: Rishi, Alderaan

What I usually do for choosing a theme and SH is to pick something that fits the feel of how I want to represent the character(s}, I'm picturing using the Stronghold. Such as SHs closer to the Republic serve as either escapes from the Republic, or Republic allies, or other kinds of ideas. For a really rugged, bounty hunter heavy Mando feel, less controlled space like Tatooine or Nar Shadaa. Then there's always Imperial Space. Of course you can always go against the mold and pick an SH that just SEEMS fun regardless of how practical it might be and make it your very unique Mando Cantina (such as Alderaan). (p.s. I'm kind of imagining Bo-Katan and the Darksaber as leader of the Mandalorians chillin' in that regal setting myself it there were any Cantinas that would fit that majestic space castle not that she's period for SWTOR.)

I'll make a second post for decorations because it will be a complicated list with sections depending on the source of the deco and the closeness of the theme.

This is a handy website for the basics of SH decorating and the costs to unlock the strongholds so you can budget accordingly:

Swtorista also has a section (formerly from on her website on decorations.

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