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BW/EA only has to do one thing too make this game explode with people, in fact if they did this they would need the Ark to float in the waves of people wanting to play....

Get rid if WZ passes and open up WZ to unlimited access to F2P and Prefurred. It's the old saying if you can get them in the gate and keep them their, more likely people would be eager to spend money... If you want to attract the Bee's you need to offer a little honey...

And this game has by far the best queued PvP out their imo!
I saw your other post on this, and honestly it just wrong. if you give F2P full WZ access then PvP players in general would have no reason to sub, once they used ingame credits to unlock the bars and equipment they'd need. BW would lose subs because of this.

Not to mention this games PvP has always been a side mini game (just like GSF which is what I do most of the time). The main reason people join this game is because it's a SW MMO. PvP may be part of the reason, but they'll sub for more then just the PvP aspect.

The F2P model is perfect the way it is. People get to try the game, see if they like it, and sub so they get full access to it.